Marathon Man - Week 3: What the well-dressed runner is wearing

Publication: The Jewish Chronicle
Date: March 9, 2007

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As runners who would like to enjoy our running and our general health for the rest of our lives, we must pay our bodies due respect.  We must minimise impact shock.  To start with, we should consider having an annual running season, and for the rest of the year keep fit with non-impact work in the pool or the gym.

Be that as it may, we are now well into our running season and training hard for the Marathon. So how do we keep our ankles, calves and knees healthy?

To start with our running shoes: Go to a specialist running shop such as The Sweatshop in North Finchley or Runners Need in Camden Town, and have a knowledgeable assistant observe your running style and suggest appropriate shoes.  But go for very good cushioning.  You can boost the cushioning further by buying both full-length and heel-only 'Sorbothane' insoles and inserting them under the existing insoles. You will then have shoes with very good cushioning and a bit of extra weight. Then, when you remove the full-length Sorbothanes for the Marathon itself, you will immediately feel a bit lighter on your feet.

And while you are in the shop: buy neoprene calf supports and knee supports, and wear them on every run.

Brian Sacks