Marathon Man - Week 8: The Final Countdown

Publication: The Jewish Chronicle
Date: April 13, 2007

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The hard work has been done. Your final week's training might consist of a Sunday run of around twelve miles, and then runs of six or seven miles on Tuesday and Wednesday, with perhaps a little stretching and limbering subsequently so that you don't completely ossify.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday next week are the days for loading up on carbohydrates.  Last year the fine athlete James Espir recommended that on Saturday I should drink large quantities of Lucozade Sport to really hydrate my body.  His other piece of excellent advice was to take the first few miles of the marathon slowly.

Early next week would be a time for a final dress rehearsal, taking the expression literally.  When running the marathon in my fifties, I have needed to decide on a trade-off between giving my legs good protection and looking like a patient bandaged up in casualty. I decided to remove the full-length Sorbothane insoles from my running shoes for the marathon, but to keep the heel insoles. I protected my calf muscles during the race with two layers of tubigrip, hidden by long football socks. I lubricated my knees with  Radian B muscle cream, and used Deep Heat and plenty of Radian B lotion to loosen and warm my calf and thigh muscles.

Enjoy the week,

Brian Sacks